Highly Maneouvrable

The C-27J is extremely manoeuvrable and versatile, making it ideal for SAR operations in all weather conditions across Canada’s diverse terrain.

Thanks to its rapid response time, speed, endurance and manoeuvrability, the C-27J can reach the most remote and austere locations anywhere in Canada’s SAR area of responsibility, including those in the far North and at sea, faster than the competitors in its class and without the need to stand up new SAR bases. It has unparalleled abilities to perform short take-offs and landings (STOL) on unprepared airfields and to operate autonomously in remote areas. With a rugged construction, highest in its class power-to-weight ratio, and the ability to perform tight turns, the C-27J is built for the SAR mission. 

Time to Climb to 10,000 ft 5 minutes
Time to Descend from 10,000 ft 2.5 minutes
Take-off Ground Run 580 m (634 yards)
Landing Ground Roll 340 m (372 yards)



Watch Video: Tactical Take-Off & Landing


Watch Video: Aileron Rolls