Low Operation & Maintenance Cost

The C-27J provides the very best balance of performance and price. It is less costly to operate than a 4-engine aircraft, yet requires no compromise on Canada’s FWSAR requirements.

Sharing a high degree of commonality, interoperability and supportability with existing fleets, the C-27J provides short-term program acquisition benefits as well as long-term in-service support benefits by reducing operating, training and maintenance costs.

Priced competitively, the C-27J can meet Canada’s SAR requirements at as little as a third of the operating costs of the current aging fleets.

Man-hours for aircraft maintenance are kept to a minimum thanks to:

  • an effective, built-in test capability combined with a Ground Based Data System (GBDS) for diagnostics and maintenance data tracking
  • high system reliability
  • easy component accessibility
  • extended intervals for scheduled maintenance

Life-cycle costs are also minimized through the implementation of flexible and affordable support solutions tailored to specific customer needs.


One of the most important elements of the C-27J is its supportability – an element that reinforces both the aircraft’s ability to serve in search and rescue and air transport roles, and its affordability as a best value solution for customers.

One of the aircraft’s major supportability highlights is its designed-in maintainability – a feature that significantly decreases the time and money spent on repairs. The designed-in maintainability includes extended on-condition maintenance support, advanced built-in diagnostic capabilities, engine and structure health monitoring, and a streamlined inspection program (all of which make maintainability in difficult winter conditions and on austere airfields that much easier).

Further adding to the C-27J’s supportability is Team Spartan’s strong base of Canadian suppliers and partners. General Dynamics Mission Systems – Canada, and DRS TCL are driving forces in Canada’s industrial base, with a history of tapping into the skills and resources of hundreds of Canadian suppliers, building Canada’s manufacturing base, working with a team of suppliers and supporting research and development at the country’s leading universities. Team Spartan will work closely with the Canadian government and vendors to assure the necessary technology transfer so Canadian firms have the technological capability to support the C-27J FWSAR solution in Canada, for the life of the program. Completing this work in Canada maximizes Canadian participation in the program and creates opportunities for Canadian industry to market similar solutions around the world.