Cabin Area

With a height of 2.6 m (8.53 ft) and cross section of 6.96 m2 (75 ft2), the C-27J’s cabin area is the ideal configuration for efficient and safe SAR operations. During missions, SAR crews can move around freely even when wearing bulky rescue equipment.

The SAR configuration can provide for a crew of six (2 pilots, 1 flight engineer, 1 navigator/mission operator and 2 SAR Techs) and include a workstation equipped with navigation and sensor equipment for the Mission Operator, a rest/planning area and two observer stations. The port side of the cabin area can be left clear for para-jumps.

The SAR configuration can be installed as a non-removable, embedded system or as a palletized system, which provides the flexibility to quickly re-configure the aircraft cabin area for the additional RCAF operations currently envisioned for the SAR aircraft, such as:


  • Medevac/Casevac
  • Material Airdrop Or Transport
  • Paratroop
  • Troop Transport (Up To 60 Seats)
  • Vip/Escort




Watch Video: C-27J Cargo