Robust Military Design

Canada’s search and rescue area is vast. The Air Force requires an aircraft capable of operating in very rugged environments, often on unpaved runways. The C-27J meets those requirements.

The C-27J’s structural strength, power and system redundancy provide a high-level of safety in very demanding operational scenarios, and an unbeatable mission accomplishment rate.

The aircraft is equipped with a double hydraulic circuit, 3 generators, 3 alternators, 3 Transformer Rectifier Units, 3 engine restart options, fuel jettison capability, and a 3-spar wing and vertical tail structure, making it the safest and most reliable platform in its class. The on-board Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) supplies both electrical and pneumatic power, and allows the C-27J to start easily in cold temperatures and operate autonomously from austere locations without external ground support.

The aircraft is fitted with a continuous jack extension system that allows aircraft levelling or “kneeling” for easy cargo transfer, and its fully reinforced floor removes weight limitations found on other platforms.


Watch Video: Auxiliary Power Unit 


Watch Video: Tactical Take-Off and Landing