Team Spartan Highlights C-27J Capabilities and Support for Canadian Jobs at CANSEC 2016

Contact: Kristina Davis
Tel: 613-806-9945


OTTAWA (May 24, 2016) - Team Spartan, offering the C-27J for the Canadian Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Program, will showcase its Canadian-led and Canadian-supported industry partners during Canada’s global defence and security trade show, CANSEC, May 25-26, 2016, in both the DRS Technologies Canada stand (booth 1511) and the General Dynamics Mission Systems—Canada stand (booth 1601).

Team Spartan, led by Leonardo Aircraft Division, General Dynamics Mission Systems—Canada, and DRS Technologies Canada, Ltd., has assembled talented pan-Canadian partners that will transform the C-27J, a superior military aircraft used by many nations all over the world, into an exceptional search and rescue platform that will be the right aircraft for this mission and the best value. The Spartan team is made up of global leaders in design, integration and life cycle support for special mission aircraft.

Supporting jobs in Canada is a high priority for Team Spartan. The group has a created a Canadian-based joint venture called Spartan Aviation Services that will become the long-term service support arm for the C-27J should  the aircraft be selected as Canada’s next fixed-wing search and rescue fleet.  The company will be based in Ottawa, Ontario, and will support activities across Canada.

Team Spartan has also built a team of partners with emphasis on a well-balanced regional distribution of labour across the country, strengthening the Canadian economy and supporting sustainable Canadian jobs. The team’s industrial partners include IMP Aerospace & Defence; KF Aerospace; Esterline CMC Electronics; Rolls Royce Canada; Standard Aero; Bluedrop Training and Simulation; L3 WESCAM; TRU Simulation + Training; ATCO Structures and Logistics and CAE, amongst many others.  Visitors will see the full extent of the Canadian participation by visiting the DRS Technologies Canada and the General Dynamics Mission Systems—Canada stands during CANSEC.

Team Spartan and the C-27J will provide Canada with the best value mission solution available for search and rescue. It meets the demands of the country’s incredibly large area of SAR responsibility with a single aircraft fleet.  It provides the most suitable and mission-capable aircraft for this critical role in Canada.  Highly maneuverable in the difficult mountainous regions and impressively fast to reach the most remote areas, the C-27J is the right-sized and most capable aircraft available for this mission.

The C-27J is a fully-qualified, high-performance platform with a number of demanding international customers. Among its international users, the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army Special Operations Command, Royal Australian Air Force and Italian Air Force have acquired a number of C-27Js for domestic and international missions such as search and rescue, tactical transport and humanitarian relief operations. The USCG (United States Coast Guard) have already introduced 6 C-27Js MRSA (Medium Range Surveillance Aircraft), from a total of 14 aircraft, into service in its fleet to perform maritime patrolling and surveillance, SAR (Search And Rescue), Homeland Security, disaster relief and missions to counter illicit trafficking.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016