Team Spartan to Put Fixed Wing Search and Rescue Training Facility at Comox Air Base

Comox, British Columbia, (June 22, 2016) - Team Spartan, led by Leonardo Aircraft, General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada and DRS Technologies Canada, along with its joint venture company, Spartan Aviation Services, announced today that it plans to build a dedicated training centre at 19 Wing in Comox, British Columbia, if it is awarded the Fixed Wing Search and Rescue (FWSAR) program by the Canadian government. The location is ideal for its proximity to other search and rescue military training facilities, as well as nearby mountain ranges and open water, required for the rigorous FWSAR training mission. The training centre and support system will be designed, built and delivered by a team of Canadian-based companies led by Team Spartan partner DRS Technologies Canada, Ltd. It will be designed to house the training aids and full flight simulator for the proven C-27J Spartan aircraft. ATCO Frontec of Calgary, Alberta, will be the team member responsible for the design and construction of the new training center. “By putting this state-of-the-art training facility in Comox, Team Spartan will meet the needs of the Royal Canadian Air Force by co-locating with the rotary-wing search and rescue fleet that is already there and it enables the Canadian Armed Forces to proceed toward a search and rescue centre of excellence in Comox,” said Steve Lucas, spokesman for Team Spartan. DRS has developed an integrated training solution which will combine top-tier training elements from established suppliers located across Canada. These include Bluedrop Training & Simulation based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which will provide the sophisticated courseware; and TRU Simulation + Training based in Montreal, Quebec, will design and deliver training devices including the full flight simulator. “DRS has a history of providing exceptional training solutions to all three elements of the Canadian Armed Forces. Now we will be partnering with other respected Canadian companies to provide an exceptional end-to-end training solution for Royal Canadian Air Force aircrews and maintenance personnel,” said Steve Zuber, vice president and general manager of DRS Technologies Canada, Ltd. “Our approach will minimize long-term training costs, optimize training effectiveness and achieve the necessary throughput of operators and maintainers required to achieve the mission.” DRS will use a highly experienced training development team to design, oversee and manage the development and maintenance of the courseware and training aids. It will also integrate the training solution, and in partnership with the Royal Canadian Air Force, stand-up the FWSAR Operational Training Unit (OTU) while delivering and continuously improving the ground-based training systems and courses. The OTU is expected to form the core of the air force centre of excellence for search and rescue training practices and procedures.

Team Spartan’s C-27J is a solution that meets the demands of the country’s incredibly large area of SAR responsibility with a single aircraft fleet. In addition to its capabilities, Team Spartan’s FWSAR solution comes with a commitment to deliver 100% of contract value industrial offsets and benefits in the form of hundreds of long-term jobs and far-reaching investments in Canadian firms and technology.

As part of this commitment, Spartan Aviation Services was created as a joint venture company led by General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada and Leonardo Aircraft, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. It will be the Canadian in-service support integrator for the aircraft if chosen by the Canadian government. Spartan Aviation Services will have the support of a strong Canadian partner network across the country, including General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada as the mission systems integrator; IMP Aerospace, which will modify the aircraft delivered by Leonardo Aircraft; KF Aerospace, the MR&O provider; Rolls-Royce Canada; Standard Aero; CAE; Esterline CMC Electronics; L-3 WESCAM; Flyht Aerospace Solutions; Airdyne Aerospace; and ATCO Frontec.



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Wednesday, June 22, 2016