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From the Partners

The Team Spartan is strongly committed to the long-term success of Canada’s world-class aerospace industry and determined to providing the Royal Canadian Air Force with the most capable and best value solution for the fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft replacement program.

Leonardo Aircraft, as Prime Contractor, is exceptionally proud to be working with established Canadian defence companies, from coast-to-coast, who collectively have over 100 years of experience in supporting the Canadian Armed Forces and other Armed Forces around the world.

“Thanks to this experience and know-how, along with the characteristics of the C-27J that make it a prefect fit for the requirement, our Team is fully committed to provide Canada with the best all-around solution to support Canada’s search and rescue program.”

- Umberto Rossi, Leonardo Aircraft, FWSAR Capture Team and Campaign Leader

“The FWSAR program sets a high standard for Industrial Regional Benefits (IRB) requirements. As a company with an exemplary track record for delivering on their IRB commitments, General Dynamics Canada Mission System is eager to engage with local industry and suppliers, missionizing this aircraft in Canada and supporting it proudly for years to come as it plays a critical role bringing distressed citizens to safety. With Leonardo Aircraft's C-27J as the platform, and working with local Canadian companies, we will set the standard for search and rescue capability and will offer it to other nations with similar world-leading requirements.”  

– David Ibbetson, General Manager, General Dynamics Mission Systems Canada

“Canada has some of the most rugged and sparsely populated terrain on the planet and Canadians deserve the very best fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft available in the world today. The made-in Canada training solution will provide high quality aerospace jobs for Canadians and, more importantly, will ensure Canada’s search and rescue crews will be ready for the demanding job of keeping Canadians safe.”  
– Steve Zuber, Vice President and General Manager, DRS Technologies Canada Ltd.

“We are honoured to be joining such a strong team. We have been serving the RCAF, supporting their current fleet of search and rescue aircraft for a number of years and have significantly improved reliability and operational availability of this important fleet of aircraft. We understand the demands of the job and believe the C-27J is the right aircraft for Canada’s FWSAR needs. For KF Aerospace Defence Programs, this is a great opportunity to become part of Alenia's global supply chain and add the C-27J to the already impressive list of aircraft we support.” 
– Tracy Medve, President, KF Aerospace Defence Programs

"FLYHT is proud to contribute its Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRSTM) that will provide Iridium cockpit connectivity for Team Spartan. FLYHT takes great pride in providing secure communication and aircraft health monitoring data to many aircraft operating in harsh Canadian environments, and we are honoured to extend that capability to our Armed Forces in the search and rescue role where solid, reliable communications are critical." 
 Matt Bradley, Vice President of Business Development, FLYHT Aerospace Solutions

“As Canada’s premier avionics company, CMC is very pleased to join Team Spartan and contribute to the FWSAR C-27J program with our world class product portfolio which includes a flight management system, portable mission displays, enhanced vision products and cockpit integration capability.” 
 Jean-Michel Comtois, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Government and Public Affairs, Esterline CMC Electronics