Leonardo Aircraft

Leonardo Aircraft is among the top ten global players in Aerospace, Defence and Security and Italy's main industrial company.  As a single entity from January 2016, organized into business Divisions (Helicopters; Aircraft; Aero-structures; Airborne & Space Systems; Land & Naval Defence Electronics; Defence Systems; Security & Information Systems), Leonardo Aircraft operates in the most competitive international markets by leveraging its area of technology and product leadership.  Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange (FNC IM; SIFI.MI), at 31 December 2015, Leonardo recorded restated consolidated revenues. 

Leonardo Aircraft brings to the FWSAR its C-27J platform, its international experience with SAR aircraft, and its expertise in missionizing aircraft. Several of its other aircraft, including the ATR maritime patrol aircraft are designed to not only handle the patrol, identification, and tracking of vessels but also SAR and environment protection duties. Additionally, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) and anti-IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) special mission configurations of the C-27J were recently developed in a joint effort with the Italian Air Force.

 The C-27J is the only aircraft in its class that is fast enough to respond to SAR incidents across Canada’s entire area of responsibility from the existing SAR bases—meaning an alternate basing approach is not necessary for Team Spartan. Furthermore, our aircraft is the only one with sufficient power and manoeuvrability to fly in the tight confines of the mountainous western region – thus eliminating the need for a mixed fleet. These two highlights alone, combined with our low operating costs and our ability to offer incremental economic value to Canadians, position the C-27J as the best value solution for Canada.

 Leonardo Aircraft is proud to be working with a Team of leading Canadian defence companies that collectively have over 100 years of experience supporting Canada and Canadian forces.